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"Thank you for being the best dental practice I have ever experienced! I have had extreme dental anxiety since I was a child. Dr. Leroux is the absolute best! Caring, compassionate, trustworthy and completely painless. Nancy is an amazing hygienist who has always made my dental cleanings fun! Peggy is always nice and extremely helpful with understanding insurance and assisting with scheduling. I love coming into the office for all my appointments. I hope to continue my dental care with your office living 2.5 hours away. Once again, thank you for being awesome!"

- Molly S.

"Just wanted to thank you for your wonderful service you have given my wife Tori B...She is very happy and all is a-ok
- Kindly, George B.

"Thank you for a wonderful dental experience today. I was really nervous and the entire staff put me at ease."

- Brandi J.

When Sarah cleaned my teeth, I was impressed with how thorough and gentle she was. She was very concerned that I was comfortable, and she was very pleasant. Sarah helped to make my dental experience more enjoyable.

- Cindy R.

Incredibly gentle!

- Laurel S.

I would like to thank Dr. Jason Leroux, and the staff of Palm Dental Care for washing away 15 years of insecurity. Thanks to Dr. Leroux and his staff I now feel confident smiling in public.

- Andrew S.

"I have been seeing dentists for over 60 years and Dr. Leroux has been my most pain-free experience ever. Without a doubt the best I've ever been to."

- Jerry R.

My experience with Dr. Leroux has been a good one; he is very up-to-date and also shows a compassionate side to his profession.

- Pat M.

ㄲ LerouxⳠcare is the most gentle and complete. His staff is very friendly and nice. I will continue to see him.

- Sally A.

Even though not usually bold, I felt I had to thank Dr. Leroux for going into dentistry as I could tell he was very skilled and I was going to benefit by this with my new crown.

- Joan C.

After a period of time away, Susan B. told us "I went to another dentist because he was cheaper. When he looked in my mouth and said 'someone has been doing beautiful work in here', it inspired me to come back".

(I guess we're worth the small difference!)

"I am very grateful to you and your wonderful staff for the time you helped me to care for my teeth! All of you were a great team. Thank you so much for finding time for my dental care as the clock was ticking! Thank you again. I will see you in the future as you are now my favorite Dentist and staff."

- Kim M.

It's important that you research and know about your dentist before you commit to them. This is the place to read San Luis Obispo dentist reviews. Read from trusted clients who have great things to say about Palm Dental Care.

- Jim P.

It has been some time since Sarah last cleaned my teeth, but I find myself occasionally thinking about her gentleness of technique and general character. I look forward to her good care.

- Sherry S.

"It's actually enjoyable to go to the dentist! Everyone is so nice and kind!"

- Jean D.

"Fun and friendly staff, thorough and gentle hygienists, kind and approachable dentist. That's what I'd hope for in a dentist. We've been coming here for more than a decade!"

- Greg S.

"You are the best Doctor. When I first came to you I had to take a "calming" pill. After my experience with you I had to laugh that I did that. I haven't ever felt your injections or pain. Nothing. Nada. You are the most gentle, caring and people person for a Doctor that I have ever met. For me to say this as I am one sensitive person means this could be written in stone. You're that good. I love you as a Dentist and your office staff is great. See you soon."

- Patty P.

"You've heard it everytime I see you , you're amazing! Your calmness, confidence, skill, and team... Cured me, with no extra charge. And I have a beautiful smile thanks to you and God. Not only am I not phobic, I love visiting the office. It's beautiful!"

- Cheri C.